As Christians first and counselor second, we believe:

  • We live in a fallen world and all of us face problems and difficulties.
  • Through God’s power, the blood of Jesus Christ, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit we can overcome all of the difficulties that we face.
  • Overcoming may look differently than you want it to. In other words, your expectations for change may not be realistic. This is something that we address early in the counseling process.

Our Beliefs About Christian Sexuality

  • Any form of sexual activity not within the context of a committed heterosexual monogamous marriage is not a part of God’s design for us. God calls this behavior “sin.” It is however not any more or less wrong than other behaviors which God deems as inappropriate or sinful.
  • Sexual purity is attained through striving to become more Christ like.
  • Holiness is the goal, not abstinence or heterosexuality. However, as an end result of pursuing Christ, everything that does not fit with God’s design for us begins to fall away and we emerge as He intended us.