Study Your Spouse To Improve Communication

How do you communicate love to your spouse?  Not do you love them or do you tell them that you love them, but how do you communicate love to them.  This requires work.  Anyone can say the words, “I love you.”  But not everyone studies their spouse and understands what makes them tick.  Knowing how they respond to different forms of affection can help you demonstrate that you truly care about them.  Again, anyone can say the universal words, “I love you” but not everyone understands what your husband or wife really needs and enjoys.  If you spend your life getting to know your spouse and attempting to meet their needs how they want them met, the likelihood that someone else may come along and sweep them off their feet is minimal.  However, if you don’t spend your life doing this and simply expect that your spouse is content with what you offer them, another may come along who invests a little time getting to know them and understanding what they appreciate.  Before you know it, your spouse may feel conflicted and their heart may become confused about who they actually love.  While they have a long history with you, this new person is making them feel alive and passionate.  Something they haven’t felt in a long time.  In this instance, you may or may not have a chance of saving your marriage.  Please don’t wait until you find yourself in this situation, start now to study your spouse and discover what makes them feel loved.  Then begin to show them on a regular basis how you feel about them.  If you find yourself in the midst of a relationship that is falling apart, don’t give up.  Begin to fight for the marriage.  Show your spouse that you have not given up and that you are willing to learn and change to save what you have built together.  Remember that if they are feeling attracted to another, you may bear some of the responsibility for their wayward heart if you have not done your part to love them.  This is not an excuse for their behavior but an acknowledgment of the fact that you may need to take responsibility for what you have done or not done.  Don’t give up, remember that God doesn’t give up on us.  Christ continues to pursue His bride even when she is wayward and chasing another.

Challenge:  Make an effort this month to study your spouse and make a list of what makes them feel loved.  Then begin to do these acts of affection on a regular basis.  Continue to add to this list and don’t ever stop.  Love is a verb.  Just do it.

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