Equally Yolked in Marriage

Having some common moral ground to stand on helps to give a solid foundation for a relationship to be built on and to endure through difficult times.  The Bible says that believers in Christ should not be yolked together with unbelievers in partnerships because we don’t have the same values (2 Cor. 6.14-16).  It doesn’t mean that we can’t be friends with, associate with, or spend time with people who are unbelievers but it does mean that if we enter into a business partnership or marriage we may be guided by very different principles and values than they are.  At some point in those relationships we will likely  face some very difficult times because while we may be guided by different moral codes, we are committed to the partnership or marriage.  It is hard enough to make a marriage work with all the problems and struggles of life without trying to do it with a spouse who may make decisions based on a different set of values than you have.  Some basic issues that may become problematic in a relationship like this are:

Financial stewardship – What do we spend money on?  Do we give to charities or church?  What do we base financial decisions on?

Parenting – What guidelines do we use for deciding how to raise our kids?  Do we teach them anything about God and if so, what?  Do we take them to church or not, if so, who decides which one and how often?

Conflict –  How do we resolve conflict in our relationship?  What guidelines do we use to decide who gets their way in situations?  If I act in humility and apologize will it be reciprocated or seen as weakness and exploited?

As you can see, there are a lot of issues that impact a couple on an ongoing basis that could more easily be resolved if they at least start at the same point morally and Biblically.  While a Christian couple may not always agree on every issue of theology, they should at least have a solid basis on which to work from.

Challenge:  Strive to be on the same page with your spouse both morally and Biblically and if you are thinking about getting married, evaluate where you and your spouse are in regards to your walk with God.  It may hurt to end a relationship before marriage but it can hurt a lot worse in the long run if you try to make it work and later realize that you are unequally yolked.

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