Marital Commitment

Building a Great Marriage takes a solid foundation of commitment.  Commitment to one another, commitment to purity, commitment to shared values and beliefs, and commitment to your dreams.  I am going to examine each of these in the next few articles.  First of all, when you get married a commitment to each other seems like common sense, right?  Unfortunately not in today’s world.  Marriages seem to fall apart left and right like there wasn’t much holding them together to begin with.  I think that is most obvious when you look at celebrity marriages but it is also seem in the lives of people around us on a daily basis.  Being committed to your spouse means putting their needs, desires, and even wants before your own.  It requires self sacrifice.  In a Great Marriage, both parties agree  to do this (not assume it will happen) and regularly reevaluate how they are doing.  The reevaluation is important because we all tend to be selfish and it is easy to lose sight of a goal like this when life happens.

Challenge:  Make an effort this week to put your spouse’s needs, desires, and wants before your own.  Talk to them about it and let them know you will be working on it but that you haven’t perfected it.  Then put a reminder on your calendar or phone to reevaluate how you are doing in this area each month.

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