Intimately Committed

In a Great Marriage, commitment to your spouse means being sexually pure.  What does that entail?  It means keeping your body, mind, and heart protected and available only for them.  I am constantly hearing about marriages that fail because of infidelity.  We live in a world and culture where sex is portrayed as a meaningless act between people.  It carries no real significance.  Actors in movies and TV shows “hook up” with no remorse, no apparent emotional baggage, and it seems totally normal.  That however, is far from the truth of the matter.  Sex is a gift from God and it’s a blessing within the right context: that is, between one man and one woman who are in a committed monogamous marriage relationship.  When it is misused or occurs outside the God ordained context it transitions from being a blessing to being a curse.  Not that it becomes a miserable act at that point but it definitely won’t lead to the blessings that God has designed for it.  Sex is not a selfish act but a selfless one which draws a husband and wife closer together.  In it’s proper place, sex is the culmination of intimacy in the marriage relationship rather than being simply an act of pleasure.  Out of that context, it can lead to sexual addiction, STD’s, unwanted pregnancy, emotional pain, loneliness, and brokenness.

Challenge:   Make a commitment to remain sexually pure and to share your body, mind, and heart only  with your spouse from this moment forward.  Strive to meet their sexual needs and enjoy this aspect of your relationship which is a blessing from God.

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