Commitment is a Choice

What does it mean to be committed to one another?  Merriam-Webster says it is an agreement or pledge to do something in the future.”  Previous generations seemed to grasp this better than we do.  Not that everything in their marriages were perfect but they seemed to understand that marriage was between two people and it was intended to last their whole life.  An ongoing relationship decision to stay together and make things work out.  Commitment is a choice.  It isn’t dependent upon how I feel in any given moment and it isn’t based upon another’s actions.  It is based upon a decision that you make to stick things out and try to continue to improve yourself and encourage your spouse to grow into the best person they can be.  This can be really tough at times but in the long run it is worth it.  When two people decide to pursue something bigger than themselves and sacrifice to get there the end result can be greater than the sum of the parts.  Better than they could have imagined.

Challenge:   Make a decision today to commit to your spouse, regardless of where you have been, what challenges you have gone through in your marriage, and how you feel.  Make a decision today to pursue excellence in yourself and in your marriage.

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