Building a GREAT marriage.

Want a great marriage?  I’m not talking about just staying married.  I’m not even talking about just having a functional or even good marriage.  I believe that a great marriage is something that we can all strive for and attain.  The truth is that it takes a lot of hard work on from both people involved.  This blog is going to be dedicated to ideas on just how to make this happen.  As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over 20 years and as a man who is in the middle of a GREAT marriage, which just celebrated its 22nd anniversary, I want to share my ideas on how to work toward making this happen.  It has been my experience and is my firm belief that fundamentally for a marriage to be great, it has to be built on a solid foundation.  That foundation is the Lord Jesus Christ.  I will go into more depth on why that is the essential key to making your marriage great in my further blog entries.

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